Bring your yard to life with these inspirational product designs: Part 2

There’s no better way to spend the weekend than in your backyard, lounging about in the sun and snacking on yummy food, with your beloved family and friends! Add a barbecue session to the mix, maybe a couple of outdoor games, and the deal is sealed! So, we’ve curated a collection of awesome outdoor designs to transform your yard into the ultimate fun space. We bet you won’t want to step out of your yard, once you introduce these products to it!

Cineorama by Erika Hock is an outdoor viewing space, so you can sit and watch a couple of your favorite movies with your family and friends, within the comforts of your own backyard!

If you’ve been tempted to treat yourself to an updated version of your old BBQ grill, well then hold your horses because Noori’s multipurpose stove, the V01 model will do it all for you. It functions not only as a rocket stove but as a barbeque, pizza oven, and a fire pit. From ribs, burgers, hot dogs to wood-fired pizza, the V01 functions as a versatile cooker for all occasions. A super fun barbecue session in your backyard is guaranteed!

Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrick Husum created GrowMore, an urban gardening modular design that expands as your plants grow. The modular, open-source system is made entirely out of CNC-milled plywood. The versatile planter can be bolted and unbolted in a variety of configurations, allowing you to maintain mini or larger-than-mini farms in your yard!

Ever considered adding a treehouse to your backyard? Well, the Sylvan Float Treehouse by The Canopy Crew, with its cute little hammock-style bed would be the perfect addition. A quaint spot to relax and take a breather.

The Stump Light by Duncan Meerding looks, well, exactly like a tree stump! It would merge perfectly with your backyard, an unassuming extension of nature, while illuminating it once nighttime strikes!

Studio Schicketanz’s Doggie Dreamhouse is the perfect little home for your doggo, and it can fit right in your backyard. It comes along with a green roof, so your pet can catch some fresh breeze while being surrounded by greenery.

The SPIRITs outdoor furniture collection by Dmitry Kozinenko is a range of quirky and colorful seating and table fixtures, that could really add some character to your backyard! A beautifully intricate pattern adds an intense detailing to the furniture pieces.

These wooden loungers by Somdoon Architects, naturally rise out of the wooden floor, seamlessly merging with it. Though an extremely interesting design to introduce to your backyard, we do wonder how comfortable they would be when it comes to sitting on them for longer durations of time!


Designed with immense attention to detail and crafted using the finest of materials, the Kodama Zomes feels just as good as it looks! The gentle, unrestricted swaying motion that is achieved by the single overhead point soothes the vestibular system and makes the Zomes a place of tranquillity and exceptional comfort.

The Forest Pavilion by ANTIREALITY looks like the ultimate playhouse for kids! It’s quite a relief that it is still a concept, for I’m sure your kids (if you have any) would be clobbering for it at first sight!

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