“The Best Rendering Software” – 88% of Designers Prefer KeyShot For Its Stunning Visual Quality

An in-depth review conducted with over 2000 designers across the world revealed an undeniable fact: Since its inception in 2003, KeyShot still remains the go-to for all designers for their rendering needs… the reason? Even after 20 years, the rendering software reliably produces the best quality visuals with the easiest UI and the fastest workflow, say 2096 industrial designers and team leaders from around the world.

The creative industry has evolved significantly in the past two decades, with 3D visualization becoming one of the most effective ways to communicate an idea through realism. Industrial designers will agree that the profession is a tight balance between engineering, functionality, and art. Clients, or even customers, don’t care if a product simply works… it needs to enchant and entrance you too. The first way the product does so in a definitive way is through its rendering. The rendering describes intent. It describes how the end-result is intended to look, which is why the overall quality of the rendering plays such a crucial role in a designer/studio/corporate’s workflow. Of the more than two thousand professionals interviewed by KeyShot, 88% of them agreed that the 3D software provided the best of all worlds – offering stunningly beautiful renders without the added time and labor. KeyShot’s UI, over the years, has gotten more and more intuitive, reducing the learning curve for beginners, and making execution easy for experts. Now on the new KeyShot 2023 version, rendering has never been easier.

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KeyShot’s whitepaper (which is available to download using this link), details its sample group of nearly 2100 designers and creative professionals, combining a healthy mix of designers from all across the globe as well as across the experience spectrum. Nearly 40% of the designers have over 15 years of experience in the field, acting as a testament to how long KeyShot’s held its position of dominance. More than 50% of the designers interviewed spend anywhere from below 4 hours to up to 10 hours on visualization tasks every week. 20.75% of creatives use KeyShot for more than 21 hours per week, averaging over 4 hours each weekday.

For almost half the designers, the quality of output mattered the most in their list of requirements, and KeyShot ranked the highest among 8 other popular rendering programs. Ease of use ranked next on the designers’ list of priorities; a benefit facilitated by how seamlessly KeyShot integrates with all popular 3D modeling programs like Rhino, SolidWorks, Cinema4D, Blender, ZBrush, and many more.

Image Credits: Pantone

While designers make up more than 64% of KeyShot’s sample group, the software also sees use in other industries like engineering, marketing, packaging, and even manufacturing; with brands like Motorola, Lenovo, Sonos, Unilever, and Bould Design relying on KeyShot for its game-changing 3D rendering abilities, and its command over lighting, environments, materials, and even colors, thanks to its collaborations with Coloro, Pantone, and RAL to provide industry-leading color libraries.

Head to KeyShot’s website to look at the whitepaper for yourself, and even get a 14-day free trial to the latest version of the software… just to see why the experts always choose KeyShot, a stunning 88% of the time!

Click Here for the Free Trial & Whitepaper Report

Image Credits: Rachel Anne Bernardo

Image Credits: KeyShot Studios