Get effortless disposal of ash with this nature-inspired incense holder

Everything begins and ends with nature. It is the ultimate source. Hence it’s no surprise that designers are drawing deep inspiration from it. Dawn by SJ and S-W K designed Scent Island, an incense holder inspired by the visual of a mountain resting on an island.

The product comprises of a plastic base, its transparency representing the sheerness and flow of water, and the actual holder which is in the shape of a mountain. The mountain features an intriguing polygonal design to represent its dynamism and vibrancy. The underside of the base is made of wood, representing a tree, and hence deepening the design’s connection to nature. And the mountaintop which has a tendency to turn dark and sooty as the incense burns create the visual image of a volcano.

However, besides its nature-inspired aesthetic, Scent Island has an interesting functionality. Usually, when you place incense sticks into their holder, they tend to create a mess with the ash falling about everywhere. However, when you place the incense stick into Scent Island, the ash falls onto the base tray. Since all the ash is accumulated in one spot, it is relatively easy to dispose of it. You simply lift the tray, separate it from the holder, and effortlessly get rid of the ash.

Incense sticks manufactured from natural materials are gaining popularity. They are used for religious and spiritual purposes. Some people like to light a few nice smelling sticks to kickstart their meditation sessions. At such a point in time, Scent Island makes for a visually pleasing holder which is easy to use, and doesn’t even leave behind a mess!

Designer: Dawn by SJ and S-W K