How to design sustainably with naturally fallen timber and an upcycled wine bottle!

Sustainable designs seem to be taking over the world by storm. And no wonder, with climate change running rampant and adversely affecting the earth, being eco-friendly has never been more imminent. A sustainable design that truly caught my attention is Max Ashford’s Quercus. Quercus is a sustainable desk lamp, created using a  combination of wood from naturally fallen trees and up-cycled glass from packaging waste.

Designer: Max Ashford

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Minimal and stylish, the DIY desk lamp is targeted towards young professionals.

Locally sourced white oak was used to create the lampstand. The wood would have been banished to burning, being sold off as firewood. Instead, Ashford bent and manipulated the form of the wood into a tight arch using steam, forfeiting harsher techniques such as lamination.

The curved wood was then left to rest and settle into its new form for 24 hours.

It gets more interesting! An upcycled wine bottle was used as the lampshade! Ashford cut it into half, and lightly frosted it.

A low power LED GU10 bulb was then slipped into the glass shade. When switched on, the lamp emits a soft and subtle light, warmly illuminating any desk it is placed onto.

At the end of the lamp’s life cycle, all the separate parts can be detached, and used for other purposes. Ashford’s Quercus is a highly functional lamp that promotes sustainability, while also serving as a quirky accessory!