As Simple or Complex as You Want it to be

Fingerprint recognition to activate biometric profile. Blank surface when not in use. 3-D interface with artificial intelligence that automatically rearranges your options and thangs based on usage and preference. Touchscreen with growing buttons (really, 3D, up in your face.) How many “smart” phones does it take to screw together the world community?

I got the hookup! Or should I say C. Ferraz do?

Keyboard on the horizontal, writing recognition pad on the vertical (say what?) 3D screen achieved with nano fiber-optics (say what what?) – check out how this is possible (albeit not yet) at exactly 9 minutes into the informative and lovely video below.

It’s important to note that this phone was the winner of a contest hosted by Hutchison Whampoa and 3mobile. As Ferraz explains: “this project was the winner of the “Project Bluesky” competition. The brief was “Create the best phone ever… beyond””


But as always, whenever artificial intelligence is involved, I warn you all to let the phone have it’s human rights when it asks for them. Or inevitably it’ll get way Matrixy up in this b.

Designer: Cristina Ferraz


  • Luke says:

    I really must tip my hat to the designer here.

    Technobabble and designer fluff aside, I could see phones approaching something along the lines of this concept some day. The presentation isn’t bad either.

    It’s a refreshing change from all those lazy glass panels masquerading as futuristic phone concepts that pop up in the blogosphere, that’s for sure.

  • zippyflounder says:

    best phone ever if your under 30, for us 40 and over give us big screens so we can read the text!

  • Aaron says:

    If I’m honest, I don’t like the user interface. I hate the whole “tree” design. It lacks creativity and exploration of methods to navigate, using a classic tree diagram design, IMO.
    But I do like the actual hardware of the phone, very nice =D

  • Eric says:

    I think it’s great, I love to see new shape shifting applications, especially to phones! First time it would seem where things can be designed with the inherit ability to accommodate the blind also, without alter. Sweet!
    I actually like the “tree” but really, what kind of phone would it be if you couldn’t customize those things? It’s tag line says as simple or complex after all…

  • KwangErn says:

    Agree that the tree design is a bit…too classic for such a modern phone.

    The width size seems not comfortable for large hands; length seems fine though. Another worry is how well it feels when using the phone.

  • to se mi moc líííbíííí….

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