This telescoping camper doubles in size in just 60 seconds!

Camping can be (almost) all fun and games, as long as you have a comfortable and reliable camper. French recreational vehicle manufacturer Beauer recently launched their 2X camper. With their 3X caravan already impressing campers across Europe, the 2X promises to live up to its predecessor as well.

Though smaller than the 3X, the 2X is a compact and telescoping trailer that doubles in size in just 60 seconds! Beauer’s campers use a collection of modules to expand in size. The 2X utilizes two modules to expand like a telescope! The 3X is perfect for larger groups, whereas the 2X is a better and lighter option for say couples. With the push of a button, the caravan expands to create 90 square feet of living space. The living space comprises of two rooms. The bedroom consists of a futon that converts into a double bed. Whereas the other room functions as a kitchen with a sink, gas stove, a small refrigerator, and an oven. The caravan includes an accompanying bathroom with a cassette toilet, sink, and shower.

Weighing just 1764 pounds, the trailer can be easily attached to many varieties of vehicles, without the need for trucks or SUVs. Shaped like a can, the colors of the semi-circular camper are customizable. The colors of the base, complementary stripe, and the interiors can all be tuned according to your taste. Beauer’s 2X camper makes for the perfect movable home for two!

Designer: Eric Beau of Beauer

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