A handle-free iron and steamer duo that’s as easy to use as a mouse!

Product designer Dorja Benussi has reinvented the quintessential iron and steamer duo. Her creation ‘StraightenME’ is a combination of an iron and a steamer with an interesting ergonomic form. Abandoning the typical handle which accompanies an iron, she has given StraightenME a rounded hunchback top surface. Mimicking the shell of a tortoise, the rounded surface allows you to handle and maneuver the iron without exerting your hand.

The design provides a natural relaxed position that doesn’t tire out your wrist and reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), caused by frequent repetition of small and complex movements, as well as inflammation of the carpal tunnel. You can operate the iron as you would operate a mouse with your desktop! In fact, the comfortable position allows you to iron even while sitting down.

StraightenME comprises of two components. Now, this is where the steamer comes in. The upper portion can be lifted up like a cordless phone, and it functions as a steamer. The upper curved section consists of a water tank, a steam generator, and a small battery. The lower portion houses the water pump, heaters, batteries, tubes, and an additional steam generator.

As an iron, StraightenME possesses a power of 1600W, whereas as a steamer, the power is a little lower at 1200W. Equipped with a capacity for 300ml of water, 60g of continuous steam, and an increased jet of 100-130g, StraightenME can be operated wirelessly. Even the risk of burns is significantly reduced due to its 5mm recessed panel heaters and the fact that its temperature is automatically reduced when it’s left idle for more than a minute. Perfect for lefties and righties, the control keys at its side can be easily accessed and pushed. Crafted from plastic with a ceramic hob, and a perfect ergonomic form, StraightenME makes ironing and steaming feel less like a chore!

Designer: Dorja Benussi