This bamboo and aluminum mouse could be the new way to sustainable design

Ditching the notion that computer peripherals must always be made of plastic, the Ice Mouse is a nifty, ergonomic wireless mouse with an unusual (yet justified) choice of materials that are a combination of renewable and recyclable. Say hello to Ice Mouse, probably the world’s first computer mouse with a bamboo and aluminum body.

Ice Mouse claims to be the only mouse designed with ventilation and breathability in mind. Now I don’t possess any data in front of me that says traditional mice tend to heat up, mine probably doesn’t, but I do like the idea of a mouse that is both unique looking and 100% plastic-free. The Ice Mouse comes with a bamboo upper that promotes breathability, making sure your palms don’t work up a sweat with hours of use.

The bamboo component is CNC machined from a layered block of bamboo plies, doing a pretty remarkable job of showcasing the wood-grain while remaining entirely unique in its grain pattern. Some may say it almost reflects the uniqueness of the fingers and palm that rest on it! Sitting underneath it is the aluminum base, giving your fingers a metallic surface to hug and sort of complementing the feeling of typing on an aluminum-constructed MacBook.

The aluminum mouse base acts as a heat-sink, keeping both the gadget as well as your hands cool at all times, while air-vents machined into its sides further help promote air-flow while providing a tactile gripping surface. Combined, the metal and bamboo certainly make the Ice Mouse quite unusually appealing.

The peripheral comes with a 2.4G wireless USB receiver made with a bamboo body too, and even runs on Bluetooth 4.0, allowing it to work with as many as two machines at the same time, switching between the two. Its Bluetooth abilities even let you control your smartphone or tablet with it, giving you a mouse that’s both inventive in its construction and choice of materials, and innovative in its features. Besides, it’s just refreshing to see a computer peripheral that ditches plastic for something so wonderfully new!

Designer: Aloic

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $80 (38% off). Hurry, only 19/150 left!

Ice Mouse: A Breathable Bamboo Mouse with a Natural Touch

The Ice Mouse is a 2-in-1, 2.4G and Wireless Bluetooth mouse for professionals who want to enjoy the natural touch of wood and feel grounded, while seeing a productivity boost that goes hand-in-hand with increased comfort due to its ergonomic design.

Made from bamboo and aluminum, the Ice Mouse will always feel cool no matter how many hours you work with it.

Ice Mouse adopts a ‘hollow’ design on the two sides, which integrates the ventilation for the mouse.

The Ice Mouse is eco-friendly. Bamboo grows fast, it helps prevent deforestation and aggressive lumber practices, and it is a material that will naturally decompose when it completes its cycle in a fully eco-friendly way.

Since the Bamboo parts can only be CNC processed, this makes each product unique, in other words, the natural bamboo texture ensures that the mouse in your hand is original, as Ice Mouse will not have two identical mice.

Compatible with both Windows and macOS – including the iPad and iPhone.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $80 (38% off). Hurry, only 19/150 left!