This flexible wearable can help prevent back-pain by constantly correcting your posture

Little did Leo Ochoa know, the work from his summer job as a wildlife firefighter many years ago, would give his spine, of all things, back problems. The risk of backache exists practically with every profession… whether it involves long hours on foot, heavy lifting, or even sitting on an uncomfortable chair at work for half a day. For Leo, a short stint as a firefighter was enough for him to feel the fatigue on his spine. Once he realized that he wasn’t the only one, and that almost everyone past a certain age feels spinal fatigue (most people normalize it), Leo went on to develop the Dorsum Exospine.

Think of the Dorsum Exospine as a corrective aid you wear whenever needed… like spectacles or a helmet, but for your back. The Dorsum Exospine is a molded plastic spine that you wear for the better part of your day, going about your work, with it comfortably strapped to your back. It sits flush against your lumbar spine (lower back), reminding you to correct your posture and keep your spine aligned to relieve back pain as well as prevent the likelihood of further injuries.

Molded from a thermoplastic polymer, the Dorsum Exospine is a combination of lightweight, supportive, and flexible materials. It integrates into a minimal shoulder-strap system and a waistband that allow you to secure it to your body, while a relatively discreet design allows you to wear it under your clothes, just like any back-support belt.

Unlike regular belts, however, Dorsum Exospine’s advantage lies in its innovative spine curvature design, which gives your back extra support and auto-corrects your posture at all times, letting you go about your day without worry of strain on your spine. Designed with three points of contact, Dorsum Exospine postural aid supports every bit of your entire spine, while its breathable design (thanks to the use of air mesh) keeps you comfortable at all times.

Designed primarily for people at risk of chronic back pain and people recovering from back injuries, Dorsum Exospine helps users properly perform functions of repetitive tasks like bending and lifting with better postural mechanics, or even sitting in chairs for long hours. The wearable exospine is ideal for laborers, construction workers, package handlers, drivers, and stylish for even the office-going professional who faces the brunt of sitting for long hours on uncomfortable chairs.

Its clever design is adjustable to fit people of different heights, and the harness system lets you wear it either under or over your favorite clothes, encouraging you to go through your day effortlessly without struggling with the persistent back pain and without risking injury too!

Designer: Leo Ochoa

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Dorsum Exospine – Flexible Back Support Posture Enhancer

Back pain at any level is almost universally attributed to our posture. How are you moving? Even with the knowledge of great posture, it is difficult to maintain it while focusing on a task and after our back has fatigued. The Dorsum Exospine effortlessly supports your back, follows your movement, and reminds you to maintain great posture.

Having the right support that enables solid movement mechanics can reduce the risk of back pain. Modern life is creating jobs that force us to move faster and work longer. All of these demands put extra stress on our shoulders, lower back muscles, and spine. 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives. Here’s where the Dorsum™ Exospine comes in, supporting your lower back without restricting movement.

The most common injuries happen from overuse of our bodies, which are the leading cause of repetitive motion strains. Repetitive motion puts enormous strain on your lower back, which can, in turn, lead to permanent injuries.

Step Into the 21st Century With a Better Posture

Many back alignment products in the market serve different purposes and do not have a significant impact reducing back injuries. The Dorsum™ Exospine exists in a new space we call Flexible Support, focused on prevention rather than rehabilitation.

The Dorsum™ Exospine is focused on postural support and muscular activation. It is not trying to limit the body’s movement; rather, the Exospine encourages it to move properly throughout repetitive movements.

In the market, there are few functional back supports designed for movement. There are posture reminders that are recommended for a short amount of use and back braces that are uncomfortable and restrict movement. The Dorsum™ Exospine is used for better posture while doing sustained repetitive movement.

What the Dorsum™ Exospine is For

The Dorsum™ Exospine is for those doing work that requires “hinge” movements. “Hinge” movement jobs are jobs/activities that require bending over and lifting movements that can cause an individual’s back to severely fatigued. The Dorsum Exospine is there to promote muscular activation so that posture can be maintained and overuse injuries limited.

The Dorsum™ Exospine is for:

– First Responders & Emergency Medical Services
– Package handlers
– Construction workers
– Drivers
– Laborers
– Anyone that does repetitive movements as part of their daily activity.

How It Works

Start by turning the thumb screw and pulling the top portion upward to your size of Small, Medium, or Large. Then turn the screw back to a tight position.

From the back, open the tab in the bottom of the pocket to insert the spine component all the way inside the sleeve, and close the tab to secure it in place. The exospine is designed to fit different size torsos of Small, Medium, and Large.

Put on the shoulder straps around your arms. Close and tighten the waist belt around your hips. Locate the chest straps and pull outward to feel the support, while closing the straps at the bottom of your chest. As you move, the Dorsum Exospine reminds you to correct your posture without much effort.

It’s comfortable and can be worn over and under clothing.

The Dorsum Exospine uses a thermoplastic polymer, a very light and flexible material so it bends and moves with you to support your everyday movements.

The arc curvature in the front of the exospine is designed to support the lumbar region of your lower back, most fragile area of your spine.

Using a 3D air mesh around the sides with a power mesh in the center, all specific fabrics that maximize airflow to keep you comfortable.

The support has a positive feedback loop and 3 points of contact on the spine: the upper, middle, and lower regions of the back.

The positive feedback loop that our brains create relies on multiple factors. If something feels good and you are rewarded for it, your brain will encourage you to seek out that feeling.

The same can be said of the body.

When it feels supported it will seek out the feeling to protect itself. When wearing the Dorsum™ Exospine your body is constantly reminded of proper movement and postural function. So when you take the product off, your body will “remember” to some extent those postural cues and be able to move and stabilize more properly without the product on, teaching you what better posture feels like.

Click Here to Buy Now: $150 $189 (20% off). Hurry, only 20/85 left!