Paper Clips to Tell How I Feel

Just a little accessory unisex enough for anyone to wear. Clip Language are paper clips with emotive objects emphasizing an emotion. Clip it on anything to let people know how you feel. Imagine a world where the most mundane objects loosely communicate what you’re thinking without speaking a word. It’s just a novel concept but one I wouldn’t mind having in reality.

Designer: Mi-So Sim


  • Uli says:

    Wow! I love this idea! This is unique. I wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before! Great job!

  • Brian says:

    Not unique, seen this sort of thing in almost every art store. I feel like this one is lost in the problem of who is the consumer? It seems too cutsie for most people with pubescent girls being the main focus. It would seem to have a pricepoint that is very far out of most people’s spending habits for paperclips @ $20/50 pack for similarly designed products. Also, stationery isn’t the best market these days with an almost universal reduction in product lines – maybe try this sort of thinking with other products.

    • Howard.j says:

      Yep, this’s a emotional design.the one who buy this kind of things must be not care of the function,just for fun! just feel like it’s interesting.It’s looks like a lady buy a pair of shoes or some ornaments,but later totally forgot it ,that’s for sure ! that action just base on the i think the target consumer could be the youth.

  • powers says:

    This smacks of a studio2 weekend project where the prof. proposes a counter to texting & general electronic communication.

  • So says:

    Hmm don’t feel to wow about this, kinda like your contemporary stationery accessory

  • Yang says:

    when that products are available ??

  • david says:

    great, simply great!

  • Bobby says:

    hmmm would anyone buy em if available?

    emo Paperclips with generic shapes/characters might be worth producing 🙂

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