Ingrana’s Modular Synth Days Calendar gives you a new sound everyday for 15 years

Giving you a new sound to associate with each day of the year, Ingrana’s Modular Synth Days Calendar is a great way to understand synesthesia or cross-sense experiences. The modular synth comes with multiple modules, 24 keys, and two 3/4″ cables. The modules correspond to a day, date, month, and year going all the way till 31st December 2034, and each module sports a series of 3/4″ inlets you can plug your cables into. Modeled on a Moog synth, the Modular Synth Days calendar takes a funky approach to reading the date, as you plug in and out cables to connect modules to each other that in turn alter the synth’s sound, giving you a new sound each day. Hang it on the wall, display it on your desktop, and jam away till the year 2034! Or better still, hook it to your doorbell so you’ve got a new sounding riff every time someone shows up at your door!

Designer: Ingrana