A Suitcase for The Visually Impaired

Visual impairment shouldn’t limit the individual’s ability to travel and experience new and exciting places, however, navigating unfamiliar environments can bring a set of significant challenges. This is the problem that Guide sets outs to solve… and it does so in a clever and stigma-free way!

‘Guide’ has been designed to provide the individual with assistance and convenience, and this starts with its self-driving ability. Four cameras accurately map the surrounding environment, allowing Guide to confidently and reliably accompany the user. The option for a more conventional method of wheeling the suitcase is also available. Guide relays information on the user’s surroundings via a braille bar located in the handle, this includes informing them of traffic lights as well as letting them know about potential obstacles! All of this and more has led to a device that carries an immense level of functionality, and it has the visuals to match!

Designer: Cheolsu Park


When we travel, the suitcase is always there for us. Also, visually impaired people always carry a walking stick. This smart suitcase, GUIDE, is designed to be a guide for the visually impaired by serving as a walking stick to identify the surroundings.


Guide works on a self-driving basis. It has a gyro sensor, such as a single-passenger self-driving electric wheel, that centers on itself with two wheels and follows the visually impaired. Of course, if they don’t want a self-driving mode, they can use the handle to move it like a normal suitcase.

Braille Bar

The braille part, a key function of Guide, is located on the handle of the suitcase and provides information about the surrounding objects/environment with the thumb. Depending on the size of the hands of a blind user, the main bar can be selected, and then the braille direction, which is the same direction of the hand they use, can be selected to complete their own handles.

Detachable Handle

The handle of the suitcase that contains Braille is completely detachable. Once the handle is detached, it can be extended for use as a walking stick. When the handle is used as a walking stick, the suitcase self-drives around the user and passes the main surrounding information to the Braille attached to the stick.

Four-way Detection Camera

Guide must observe the surroundings carefully on behalf of the visually impaired. Therefore, the cameras are located at the front, rear, and left and right ends of the suitcase to ensure not to miss an important situation. A total of four cameras accurately analyze the surroundings and guide the visually impaired through braille in real time.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition makes it easier to unlock the suitcase.