A hands free wooden watch that uses twelve little circles to tell the time!

I thought I had pretty much seen every type of watch there is until I came across Grovemade and their recently launched Black Watch 01. Founded by two designers aka good friends, Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita, the Portland-based brand specializes in products showcasing some pretty cool woodwork. For the Black Watch 01 and their preceding wooden watches, they collaborated with Stefan Andrén to create rugged EDC watches, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The Black Watch 01 ditches the traditional analog design for a circular wooden face. The hand-sanded walnut face was dyed a beautiful black with Japanese calligraphy ink and topped off with a clear lacquer. Oxidized to a deep black, the stainless steel module complements the face perfectly. However, this is where it gets even more interesting. Foregoing the classical dials you usually see on watches, Grovemade adopted twelve little circles to represent the time, instead of the usual numbers. A peek at the watch will reveal not numbers, but round holes that will guide you, and be sure to watch out for the orange-and-white-colored ones! The orange-and-white-colored circles signify the time of the day. The Black Watch 01 makes telling time interactive, and is “a more tactile approach to letting you know where you are in the day.”

Crafted from American hardwood, the face of the watch is complemented by a vegetable-tanned leather strap. The strap is also available in a tan version if you feel like adding a pop of color. Organic, raw, and real, The Black Watch 01 will slow down your day, clear your mind and turn your accessorized wrist into an eye-catcher!

Designer: Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita of Grovemade with Stefan Andrén

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