A folding hacksaw that ‘cuts down’ on size!


Four pivot points and ingenious designing makes Gerber’s Freescape Camp Saw a slim, portable delight. Designed to occupy no more space than a baton when folded, the Freescape takes less than three seconds to open up into a robust and capable hacksaw.

The design not only makes the hacksaw compact, it ensures it stays safe. While hacksaws aren’t really portable (you wouldn’t put one in your backpack), the Freescape’s folding design not only makes it easy to carry, the body of the hacksaw actually becomes the sheath for the blade, covering it completely so it doesn’t accidentally snag, rip, or cut anything.

Opening out the Freescape is simple. Just unlock it by opening out the grip unit and the rest is pretty intuitive. It uses the industry standard 12″ blade that opens out of its sheath, does a 180° and locks into the body again. Press the grip down against the Freescape when it’s opened and it locks into its new shape, robust and ready to cut. The blade can easily be replaced after it wears off, or if you want to switch between different blade types. It also comes with a small protective sleeve that slides on it to prevent the blade from making extra contact with air or moisture, therefore preventing it from rusting. The entire unit when opened, works like a proper hacksaw that can be operated with both hands, and when folded down, occupies less than a quarter of its previous space and weighs a mere 0.9lbs (420g). Throw it in your backpack, or under your car-seat and forget about it!

Designer: Gerber

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