NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Concept can instantly change lens color

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Design

Wearing sunglasses serves many purposes. Others may just be getting stylish pairs for fashion fix but there are more people who wear them for protection.

The Nike View is a pair of concept cycling glasses that come with a color-changing lens. A different lens color helps the wearer to see clearly depending on the weather condition and environment. Cyclists will benefit from this innovation but we also think those going on long drives will also benefit from this pair.

Designer: Allen Liu

Concept NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Design

The idea of NIKE VIEW is that you will no longer need to swap lenses or change glasses. Sunglasses don’t just protect the eyes. They also help reduce eye strain and enhance contrast so it is important the lens has the correct color or for some people, grade. Sunglasses that change the color of the lens can be very helpful. One doesn’t need to bring two pairs every time he’s on the road. This is important so you can enjoy your ride and not worry even when the weather gets bitter. Too sunny? No problem. The lens will change to yellow to reduce to increase contrast and reduce glare.

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Sample

A gray lens may be perfect for checking out nature. When it’s too bright like maybe when you’re out in the snow or a pretty field, the orange lens will be helpful. When you’re walking along the beach or ocean, the purple lens will be enough.

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Concept Design

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Orange

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Purple

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Concept Black Gray

The Nike View looks like most sports sunglasses you can see in the market. In its regular form, it’s set in black. The only color you see is the neon green Swoosh with a plus sign and the ‘VIEW’ text on the temples. On one side, there is an area that we are assuming be charged magnetically because it needs power. The lens is the one doing the “magic” of the Nike View.

Concept NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Concept

Wearing sunglasses can also protect you from road debris or bugs. The weather changes often so you don’t know when it’s going to rain or will be sunny or windy. It’s important your sunglasses have the correct contrast and glare. While many pairs offer interchangeable lenses, the NIKE VIEW makes things easier for you. It can switch lens colors at once so you don’t have to purchase another pair or change the lens. Talk about convenience.


The designer’s image renders and animation look great. They look like legit photos and something that Nike will release. We believe this is something Nike or any other brand should consider working on. Adaptive lenses or photochromic lenses are now available but they have limited capabilities. They take longer to adjust to brightness or don’t darken well indoors. A pair of sunglasses with a color-changing lens like the Nike View may be more convenient to use as it instantaneously changes the lens color.

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Concept Sketch

NIKE VIEW Cycling Glasses Sketches