Huawei + Devialet join forces to create the Sound X, a smart speaker to rival the HomePod

Before we dwell on the Sound X’s familiar design, let’s just address that this speaker might just be the best smart speaker on the market. Let’s ignore the fact that it’s only slated for a China release and focus on Huawei’s partnership with Devialet, the most awarded audio company in the world. Devialet’s Phantom speaker remains one of my favorite speakers of all time, and I still remember it giving me literal goosebumps when I heard the demo. Its art-deco inspired styling and the internal analog+digital drivers quite literally blew me apart. Devialet’s speakers cost a fortune, starting at $1090 and going up to $2990, so to see the company partnering with Huawei to launch the Sound X which only retails for $285, is definitely something worth watching out for. Trusting Devialet to deliver on the audio drivers and Huawei to deliver on the internet connectivity and internal AI, the Sound X is an extremely compelling buy for audio aficionados in China… especially for the people who want HomePod-quality audio without the price, and with that, let’s briefly touch upon the design.

In its black, cylindrical shape, the Sound X is roughly the same size and shape as the Homepod. It, however, comes with a fabric base and a plastic upper, somehow looking like a cross between the HomePod and the 2013 Mac Pro. On the inside, the Sound X sports a 60 watt double subwoofer and 360-degree sound thanks to a ring of 6 drivers below it. The smart speaker also has 6 microphones that capture any voice commands you give it from anywhere in the house, and even pack a touch-control panel on the top. The Sound X ships with Huawei’s voice assistant Xiaoyi, and is currently limited to a China-only release, but I’m sure a review unit should find itself on YouTube anytime soon!

Designers: Huawei & Devialet