When the opening of curtains inspired a fridge door design…

One of my favorite home appliances will always be the refrigerator! I find myself greedily looking for snacks within it, at exact intervals of two hours. For me, the fridge is the abode of everything I hold holy; all things delicious and consumable! Innovative refrigerator designs seem to always be around the corner. However, this one’s the result of an eccentric inspiration! Kim Hyunsoec of hs2 studio created ‘Crevice’. Crevice is a beautiful 900x1970x920 mm double door fridge. Inspired by the experience of drawing your curtains wide open, the handles of the double door of Crevice completely resemble the opening of a curtain! The neat slit with it’s widened edges facing opposite directions brings to mind the exact moment when you grab the corners of your curtain, to tug them apart on a lazy Sunday morning.

Created from stainless steel and featuring a matte black sheen, the aesthetics of Crevice have been designed to complement the interiors of your home. More than an electrical home appliance, it gives the impression of a piece of furniture. The furniture-like feel it resonates makes it suitable to be placed not only in the kitchen but also in the dining or living area. Spacious from within, it is divided into four vertical compartments with six shelving areas, providing ample space for your innumerous groceries. Not only is Crevice a storage wonder, but we must commend the visual appeal it possesses. This is a refrigerator with style!

Designer: Kim Hyunsoec