A Form-follows-Evolution Bike!


Form exercises can lead to the making of rather brilliant conceptual products or automobiles. Think of the Iron-Man suit or the Batmobile concepts that started as an exercise in form design and went on to develop detail and get realized into absolutely iconic prototypes.

Two Wheels, by Gregor Duler started as a form exercise too. It was born out of an attempt to merge two distinct bike types, the Cafe Racer, and the Naked Bike. With a little creative licence, design details began defining the bike, giving it an absolutely unique character. The handlebars dare to be different by facing inwards, wrapping themselves over the headlamp. This allows the front half of the bike’s design to remain more contained, while the back half took on a more aggressive, blade-like avatar. The rear double shocks add a unique element to the posterior half of the bike, making the Two Wheels bike a treat for the eyes, from both head to toe!

Designer: Gregor Duler