Made from 300 Nespresso capsules, this recycled bicycle is changing the future!

Bicycles have always been an eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transportation. Biking in the open air with the breeze running through your hair, the sky a sparking blue and all the while making no contribution to pollution? It sounds like heaven! However, the Swedish company Vélosophy has taken it one step further with their intriguing collaboration with Nestle. Crafted from recycled aluminum coffee capsules, RE:CYCLE is the brainchild of Jimmy Östholm, a bike entrepreneur. The aluminum in the coffee capsules is melted down and then used by Vélosophy to create the sturdy and rigid bike. A perfect marriage of sustainability and design, it is an instance of recycling that has been upcycled. RE:CYCLE maintains Vélosophy’s simple and iconic design philosophy, a minimalistic and sleek bike with clear cut edges. However, there are a few surprising touches! The vibrant purple frame has been inspired by Arpeggio (the famous Nespresso coffee), while the bell has been molded to resemble the shape of the much-loved coffee capsule. The carrier basket created from steam-bended oak comes along with two handy straps for securing your choice of beverage! (Some Nespresso coffee maybe?) This limited edition bicycle has been created (to be exact) from 300 coffee pods!

“RE:CYCLE has an iconic design, grounded in sustainability, that brings to life the potential of recycling our aluminum coffee capsules,” says Justin DeGeorge, vice president of marketing at Nespresso. “Our unique collaboration pays tribute to the beauty of aluminum, which can be recycled again and again, and demonstrates the potential of the circular economy.” Although it is only available in a gorgeous purple, with only 1000 bicycles to be found on the market, Vélosophy follows a one-for-one promise when it comes to this bike. For every bicycle they sell, they also provide a nifty bicycle to a young girl child in Ghana enabling her to reach school! Sleek and smart, these bicycles are not only sustainable but help us do our part for the world! RE:CYCLE is the bicycle of the future.

Designer: Vélosophy