A Table That Beautifully Portrays the Iconic Designs of Ferrari


For an automotive enthusiast, anything even remotely car related deserves a place in their home, and this table certainly earns its right to become the centerpiece! Based around an original 20-inch forged aluminum rim from the pinnacle of the automotive world, Ferrari, the Velocita table stylishly captures the speed and drama of the iconic brand.

A thin sheet of advanced tempered glass, that allows the wheel to be viewed from all angles, rests upon the beautiful and elegantly shaped wooden frame, where its elongated form artistically portrays the speed and power that the Italian supercars are renowned for. To balance out this wonderfully crafted piece of furniture, a brake disc sits on an additional platform, which adds to the visual interest of the product!

It’s certainly THE item of furniture for any car enthusiast or Ferrari Fanatic!

The Velocita is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Alan Liu of Mobellio