Jamie Oliver’s latest barbecue grill amusingly resembles the backside of a Land Rover!

Barbecue grills are always a fan favorite. No one can turn down a barbecue grill that promises to be even better than its predecessor, technically it’s like turning down a well-cooked steak dinner! Combine such a grill with the taste, preferences, and ideas of a world-famous chef and you have Smaac’s Jamie Oliver gas burner Barbecue range. “I’m probably a bit of a romantic about it, but I think we humans miss having contact with fire. We need it.” said Jamie. Taking Jamie’s word for it, Smaac collaborated with him, to re-vamp his barbecue line to make it even easier to use and have it truly “reflect the look and the feel of the Jamie Oliver Brand.”

Created from cast steel, aluminum, and rhino-wood, the grill attempts to embody what a true outdoor cooking experience means to Jamie. A tremendous fan of Land Rovers, and authentic designs that are straightforward and clearly portray their functionality, Jamie was pretty clear about what he wanted. Hence the designers merged these two concepts to create the robust and no-nonsense design of the Jamie Oliver Barbecue. In fact, the grill does amusingly resemble the backside of a Land Rover! Casting aside sophisticated nitty-gritties such as sleek touch panels, the grill boasts sturdy and loud turning knobs to control the 4 built-in gas burner tubes. The cast steel burner box is accompanied by two handy side tables allowing you to multitask. With a convenient little viewing window, you can keep peeping in to watch your steak cook to perfection! An inbuilt thermometer enables you to keep a close check on the temperature of the grill. Smaac has made our lives much easier by designing the grill at a smaller angle, as that makes the entire grill cleaning experience much simpler and quicker.

Of course, one of the real pleasures of this grill is the hefty wooden handle; lifting it and opening the grill becomes an experience by itself! Available in a beautiful olive green, the barbecue has a rustic and old school vibe to it. Anyone who enjoys a classic barbecue grill would surely appreciate this thing of beauty!

Designer: Smaac