Who knew you could make an incredibly effective laptop stand out of folded paper?!


Arguably, grape lab’s g.flow laptop stand is better than most other laptop stands on the market. It ticks all the boxes as an effective product, but also as a sustainable product. It’s clever, lightweight, and comes in packaging that can be used as a stand too! g.flow is just an amalgamation of a lot of good ideas into one great product that does its job with 100% effectiveness and 0% negative impact on the environment.

The g.flow is basically a tray made from folded recycled paper. Relying on origami tricks, the paper is stiff enough to hold up to 11 pounds of weight (enough to take the weight of your laptop and your hands too) thanks to the origami folds which not only give it strength, but also create multiple channels to boost airflow and cool your laptop better. The ridged paper is specifically angled for easy viewing and typing, so that you get the benefits of a cooling pad as well as a prop stand, while the device comes with a small lip on the front to keep the laptop from sliding down. g.flow’s universal design works effectively with laptops of any size, and folds down to fit into a small box that you can slip right into your bag with your laptop. g.flow’s choice of material gives it the advantage of also being one of the lightest laptop stands on the market, while also being ecologically conscious. The paper used to construct the g.flow is 100% recycled, and is further recyclable, allowing it to have no negative impact on its environment when disposed… if disposed. Each g.flow even comes with an artistic graphic printed on it, created by specially-abled artists, helping bring patronage, awareness, and a source of income to them. A portion of the profits from each g.flow laptop stand go to these disabled artists, going to show how a simple product like the g.flow can benefit everyone from the user to the creator, to even the environment! And if that wasn’t innovative enough, the packaging for the g.flow comes with a slot that you can use to dock your phone or tablet too, making even the outer box as useful and mindfully created as the product within it. Someone give this laptop stand an award already!

Designer: grape lab

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g.flow Laptop Stand: Made from 100% Recycled paper

The g.flow is a portable, strong and sustainable laptop stand entirely made from a single sheet of 100% recycled paper using origami folding structure.

Weighing only 1.5 oz / 40g, it’s light as paper. And the best part about paper… It’s foldable. g.flow collapses down to 3cm and slides elegantly into a slim case making it extremely portable for on-the-go workers and nomads.

It’s strong, too. An origami folding structure makes it sturdy enough to support any laptop computers up to 5kg / 11lbs.

g.flow’s precise angle of degree helps maintain good posture, providing perfect angles for screen viewing and wrist alignment while you type.

Prevent your devices from overheating with creases that keep the air flowing so you can keep on work flowing.

While g.flow holds your laptop, the case can hold your phone or tablet. View all your screens at once!

Consider This

We all know that we will die in at least 80 or 90 years, but what about plastic? It won’t disappear for over 500 years.

g.flow is entirely made from a single sheet of 100% recycled Neutral pH paper. No glues. No chemical coatings. No waste.

Art Edition

g.flow ‘The Pyramid’s Maze’

Arts Edition: Illustrated by Hyun-woo Kim

g.flow ‘Sunset’

Arts Edition: Illustrated by Kyoung-wook Bae

How the g.flow is Constructed

Click Here to Buy Now: $19 $39 ($20 off!). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!