This futuristic eye-mask reverses the effects of excess screen-time


Screens are unavoidable. No matter where you go, you’re almost always going to be confronted by a wall of pixels, and even when you’re not, there’s always a screen in your pocket, always ready to display hours of content for you. It’s no secret that screens are also bad for you over long periods of time (I get the irony of writing this on a screen for you to read from), causing sleep deprivation, grogginess, and even eye dryness over long periods of time. While most solutions like blue-light filters just partially solve the problem, the people at Umay Care may have come up with a better solution.

Umay Care’s premier product is an eye-mask that looks like it was designed by Luigi Colani. Titled the Umay Rest, this rather fluid looking eye-mask helps rejuvenate your eyes through thermotechnology, reversing the effects of prolonged screen time. “Every time we blink, a small trace of oil is released into our eyes. When we blink less while staring at a screen, this natural process doesn’t happen as often, leaving our eyes dry and irritated.” The Umay Rest applies specific, calibrated doses of warmth to the eyes, helping in activating these oils. Designed for more than just relieving dry eyes, the Umay Rest can also cool down your eyelids, imparting an instant sense of relaxation and reducing eye puffiness from lack of proper rest, and even uses gentle vibrations and guided meditations to help bring down overall stress levels. Besides, just wearing the eye-mask would mean getting a break from staring at the screen and giving your eyes some much-deserved rest.

Designer: Umay Care