This unique AC charger for your laptop also charges your phone, transfers data and connects your HDMI devices

It all started with a Manila envelope. The race for sleekness began when Steve Jobs walked onto stage with a laptop inside an envelope. The famous MacBook Air put laptops on an unshakeable path to razor-slimness and if you’re ever wondering why your new laptop doesn’t have a LAN port, or an HDMI port, or even a USB port, blame that Manila envelope.

Designed to overcome the years of portless living we’ve been doing as a species, the PHD65 is an all-in-one hub that you can just slip into your laptop bag and carry around. When plugged in, the PHD65 is as versatile as it is small. The hub comes with a USB-C out that plugs into your laptop’s Type-C port, giving you a USB 3.0 port, a Type-C port, and an HDMI port, all in one. What’s even better is that the PHD65 has its own AC input too, so while you have the hub plugged into your laptop, it can charge your machine too.

Whether you use the PHD65 as a Hub or AC power adapter or both, is up to you. You can plug pen-drives in, smartphones in, external displays, projectors, even Nintendo Switch handsets, making the PHD65 one versatile cookie.

With the PHD65, that Manila envelope’s limitations don’t really bother you anymore. The portable hub lets you plug traditional pen drives in, or even an external display. You can use the PHD65 with your laptop, iPad Pro, or even with a Nintendo Switch, giving you a hub that helps unleash your gadget’s full potential. Besides, with its 65W AC input, you can use the PHD65 as a substitute for your laptop’s charger, and even use it to charge your smartphone or plug in a wireless dock for your watch or AirPods… allowing you to quite literally say that you have a PHD in charging!

Designer: Leader Electronics

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PHD65 – Integrated AC Charger with USB-C Hub

Enjoy fast, effortless charging and data transfer for your MacBook, smartphone, and all of your everyday devices. PHD65 works as a 65W AC power adapter as well as a hub to expand your ports and connection options. It can work as a standalone power adapter, with all of the added benefits of a USB hub.

PHD65 supports up to 60W Type-C Power Delivery that connects to multiple devices. Charge all kinds of smart gadgets from 2.5W to 65W, including laptop, iPad, 2-in-1 tablet, GoPro, Nintendo Switch, smartphone, smartwatch, projector, and wireless mouse.

Supports HDMI 1.4b resolutions, including 1080p@60Hz.

You can run an entire desktop complete with a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Make your travel experience easier or to improve your workstation.

No need to carry around your Nintendo Switch Dock anymore.

Essential Ports Covered

Right by the side of the attached USB-C cable, PHD65 has a storage spot to plug in the Type-C cable when not in use.

With anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant coating and a fibre matte finish, PHD65 has a durable rubberized exterior to provide travel-friendly ruggedness. PHD65 is available in two colors to fit your style: Charcoal Black and Arctic White.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $118 (50% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!