Sweat is a Good Thing

Inspired by the human body’s own natural thermoregulation system, the Botl is a clever design that, like us, uses sweat as its primary cooling mechanism. If you’ve ever had a cold drink outside in the sun, you’ve see beads of water drip down the side. The Botl features a unique porous skin that holds on to this “perspiration” so that when the user is riding a bike, the breeze hits the bottle and keeps the beverage cooler longer. Genius!

Designer: Benjamin Helle


  • Barney says:

    The water you see on the outside of a cold glass got there by condensing out of the air. It only did that because the drink is already cold, and in doing so it heated the drink up slightly.

    Holding the water till it evaporates just reverses this process. You can’t make the drink colder than it was in the first place like this, and neither can you stop it being heated by sunlight or conduction from warm air. This won’t work as described.

    You could make this work if you add a mechanism to make sure the skin stays wet – perhaps a pourous inner bottle, or just rubbing water on the bottle once in a while.

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