Water Heaters Get a Makeover

I had to shop for a new water heater this past weekend because mine decided to go on strike right when I wanted to take a shower. I walked away from the store with tons of new information about water heaters but ultimately concluded they are all seriously fugly. Yes FUGLY! Leave it to Art Lebedev (say it with a Russian accent please) to come up with one that looks sexy and makes water heaters a whole lot easier to operate with electronic controls.

The Haier is a line of new water heaters in 50, 80 and 100 liter capacities. All the complicated mechanical controls have been simplified into an easy to use electronic control. Even the simpler, smaller unit consists of nothing more than a dial. And just for design-sake, the tops have “hubcaps” to imitate rippling water. Love!

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio