Flights of Fantasy Come Alive

YD has been mauled many a times for featuring concept designs, but that didn’t stop us then and it won’t stop us now. We have served as a platform for many a young minds that dared to dream big…so big that now their flights of fantasies have come alive. Here’s a re-cap of three awesome designs that are now available at the YD Store: Aroma USB, Twist Together Lamp & Shrine Shoe Rack. If you loved them then, I’m sure you’d be happy to BUY them NOW!

Aroma USB by Ko Yiu Fa is available for $25.99 at the YD Store


Twist Together Lamp by Glide Studio is available for $100 at the YD Store
It comes in a Chocolate Version and the Wall Mount attachment sells for $8 at the YD store


Shrine Shoe Rack by Fernando A. Robert is available for $29 at the YD Store