A wall-mounted router that keeps your signal amplified and you organized

As necessary as internet routers are, the abundance of wires and disarray that they bring with them isn’t welcome within our workspace. Whilst hiding the router beneath the desk seemingly solves the aforementioned issues, the signal strength and reliably suffers, leading to frustrating drops in signal!

A WALL ROUTER has been designed with these issues firmly in mind, as it relocates the device to a location that doesn’t only elevate its position within the room, but also its functionality! The wall-mounted device is free from any obstructions, allowing it to provide a clear and uninterrupted signal effectively throughout the home. Due to the router now being visible, its only appropriate for it to carry a more considered aesthetic… and this device certainly does; its clean, fuss-free design paired with the 2-in-1 cable leads to a reserved appearance that doesn’t demand attention. The integrated ring of light on the front not only adds to the visual interest, but also acts as a visual indicator; the brighter the light, the stronger the signal!

Designer: Yeong Seok Go

Bright light means good signal strength, and dark light means bad signal strength.