Making Parenthood A Little Less Stressful!

The incredible event of childbirth brings with it an unparalleled amount of emotion, but unfortunately there can sometimes be complications that lead to a child being born with a respiratory disorder, cardiac arrhythmias or prematurely, and in all of these cases constant monitoring is of paramount importance!

VIA is an ingenious little device that aims to assist the new-parent by monitoring the child from the moment they are home! The care-package consists of multiple devices, the most important of these is the belt that is worn by the baby; housed within the belt is a sensor that keeps track of the baby’s vitals and alerts the parents if they reach a critical point, or, depending on the situation, emits a gentle vibration to stimulate the baby’s breathing.

This sensitive and comprehensible method of home monitoring allows for a far less daunting beginning to parenthood and start on an exciting journey!

Designer: Christina Wolf


Getemed VIA is a new home-monitoring-system designed especially for monitoring vital signs of newborn infants. Its reliability and easy handling increases parents’ trust in monitoring devices. User-friendliness for both, the parents and the baby, is the most important point. In contrast to the systems currently available on the market, Getemed VIA’s design and clever features are supposed to make daily life easier for parents.




The Baby Monitoring System is available in two different CMF-Styles – for boys and girls.




VIA consists of a sensor, a belt made of 100% cotton, a monitor and a magnetic induction charging station. The sensor is made of TPU, an elastic material that is easy to clean and molds to the baby’s body. Via Bluetooth, the data is transmitted from the sensor to the monitor which raises an alarm in case the vital parameters approach a critical area. However, if the values only slightly move below or above the target corridor, the device does not raise an alarm but initiates a short vibration impulse in order to stimulate the baby’s breathing. In case of major or lasting anomalies though, the device alerts parents to the emergency and guides them through the necessary reanimation measures.




The respiration, heart rate and oxygen levels are measured with two stainless steel-electrodes and an AMS-biosensor. A vibration module and a triaxial acceleration sensor inside the sensor identify the position of the baby and alert parents if it moves into a prone position.



With its edgeless and smooth exterior, VIA  discreetly blends into the surroundings of the newborn. The monitor does not stand out as a medical device, hence parents are not constantly exposed to the attention or undesired pity from strangers.



On the induction charging station the sensor and the monitor can be charged.


With a mounting strap, the monitor can easily be fastened to any stroller, crib, etc.


The main indicator is a pulsating light which lets the parents know if everything is fine with their child.



Also the UI/UX plays an essential role in the home-monitoring-system. With its attractive packaging, an easily understandable manual, comprehensible interpretation of data as well as intelligent features for the user interface the system provides parents with a feeling of security and professionalism in everyday-usage.