Shred paper in style

We love to see a design that challenges the visual norm that we have become familiar with, and that is certainly what this concept does! At first glance you would be forgiven if you were left wondering what its functionality is, but on further inspection its paper-shredding abilities become evident! The appropriately named ‘Doughnut’ paper shredder isn’t just shaped the way-it is for the sake of aesthetics, it uses its bold and friendly form to elevate its functionality; the curvaceous top protects the user’s fingers from the vicious blades that are concealed within, whilst also guiding the paper into the correct position.

What makes this example of industrial design so desirable is its ability to work in both the domestic and professional environment; as opposed to carrying an unappealing and visually geometric aesthetic that can jar with the décor of a home, it instead blends in and becomes one with its surroundings!

Designer: Jaekyu Jung

“It’s completely safe to use for anyone. A shape of the doughnut top it can protect your fingers from the shredder blades inside,” Jung told Yanko Design.

1:6 scale prototype made by a piece of papers with PLA 3d printing.