This hand-held squeezer ensures absolutely zero in-tube wastage

Whether it’s oil paints, toothpaste, or tomato puree, the Big Squeeze makes sure you get a bang for your buck by squeezing every last drop out. Practically steamrolling tubes with its powerful metallic rollers, the Big Squeeze helps eliminate wastage by physically forcing every bit of residue out of tubes. The corrugated rollers help by getting into small corners to make sure nothing is left behind, while the Big Squeeze’s width is enough to accommodate everything from tubes of paint, or toothpaste, to even kitchen foods.

It comes with an ergonomic hand-grip that mimics the style of a paintbrush, while a large winged-key on the side lets you easily twist away to squeeze. The all-metal Big Squeeze boasts of high durability and works without a fuss. Plus if you ever get a little food or paint on it, just go right ahead and chuck it in the dishwasher!

Designer: Steve Galante of Big Squeeze