A pet-friendly sofa made just for you and your ‘Pawfect’ buddy!

Well, first things first, I’m an avid pet lover and I own two fluffy Persian cats myself. So, the thought of having a space I can share with my furry friends fills me up with excitement! Though the “Dog House Sofa” by Seungji Mun seems to be targeted specifically at canines (as is implied in its name) I do believe it could be a comfortable lounging spot for any species of pets. The inspiration behind the Dog House Sofa is pretty noble. In an attempt to raise awareness about the ever-increasing number of abandoned dogs, Seungji created the Dog House Sofa “to enhance the harmony between humans and their pets”.

The sofa is the first design for the pet furniture brand “mpup”. Created out of solid wood ash and fabric upholstery, the sofa can seat two people. The entire piece is draped in neutral shades of beige and mocha, so no jarring colors to alarm your pet!  The wooden armrest also doubles as a cozy hideaway for your pets. It’s a private section where they can laze around, with an opening in the armrest, allowing them to sneakily cuddle up to you! Such a design enables the two of you to interact but also provides sufficient personal space, without your pet destroying your beloved upholstery (for a change).

“This Dog House Sofa is a tool to communicate and share feelings between human and pet,” says Mun. “Combining the sofa and dog house delivers [a] new space of communication between human and pet.” The South Korean designer is no newcomer to pet-friendly furniture, but we must say with his Dog House Sofa he’s really tackled the problem of spending sufficient quality time with our ‘pawfect’ buddies!

Designer: Seungji Mun