Just A Matter Of Habit

Bad habits die hard, especially the ones where you have to go switch off your electronics from the mains. Doing their bit to resolve this issue, designers Daun Yun & Junil Choi have come up with the “Switcle”, the plug-point and the switch married into one! Dang, only one tiny flaw, you still need to remember to switch OFF.

Designers: Daun Yun & Junil Choi


Switcle Switch Receptacle by Daun Yun & Junil Choi


  • bee says:


  • Niels says:

    How is this better than having the switch next to the plug? Or maybe Daun Yun and Junil Choi have never seen a G-type socket.

    The only thing with this is that people will start kicking the plug when they want an appliance to switch on or off..

  • Lamah says:

    I’m constantly amazed by the bizarre designs coming out of countries that don’t have switches next to their outlets. Here there is a switch next to every outlet.

  • Ja says:

    this socket with switches was already existed for decades.

  • ami says:

    that’s cool!!

  • AlienzExist says:

    The name bothers me, sometimes you have to abandon the hybrid words.

  • oap says:

    hmm, thought provoking

  • dancrlo says:

    Interesting, but power strips have switches that turn the power off on a whole set of plugs at once.

  • Chrispy says:

    interesting idea, but…. your going to either have HIGH recepticles or LOW switches, either way its bad, low switches means bending over and hurting backs, high recepticles means ugly cords everywhere, the purpose of keeping those recepticles low and the switches high are to hide the cables and ease the use of switching them on and off.

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