Someone finally had the sense to build a spoon right into the jar’s lid!

Splid. A simple combination of spoon and lid, the Splid is a remarkably sensible idea that ensures you never have to own five separate spoons (or repeatedly rinse the same spoon) if you want to dip into five separate jars! The metric teaspoon is built right into the Splid’s upper cover, hanging off the side. Built for dry-ingredients (I wouldn’t recommend storing jams and honey in the Splid), the jars are perfect for seasonings, herbs, coffee powder, tea-leaves, or even Parmesan cheese… basically dry-ingredients that need to be measured while cooking/preparation. That’s where the teaspoon comes handy, with its calculated dimensions.

“To use, simply lift or twist off SPLID & in one continuous motion – scoop up what you need, use it, & then replace back over the jar. No need for a fresh teaspoon each time”, says the designer behind the Splid. It’s a simple product that solves a simple problem that everyone’s probably secretly thought of but never tried to solve.

Designer: Paul Mathis for Future Projects Trust