Get inspired by Adam Miklosi’s detailed conceptual sketches!

Concepts are our dreams, a wisp of an idea that float into our brain, whimsical yet exciting, something that dares you to give it a try, make something that is uniquely yours, and maybe, you’ll be the next Dyson with your line of products inspired by that dream you once saw. Before you get carried away though, let me introduce you to the designer whose conceptual sketches made us sit up and take notice, mainly for the elaborate detailing and the thought that goes behind every idea he fleshes out. Meet Adam Miklosi, whose Instagram Page holds many such sketches that he creates, each sketch explaining the multiple aspects of that design, readily answering the questions that usually pop into our mind when we see a concept design, almost making us see the product materialize in front of our eyes. And that is what you want from every concept!

Designer: Adam Miklosi