A wireless electric heater to keep you warm wherever you are

We are used to seeing radiators as an obvious part of a room. No matter how slim you make its form, the design has the slab or chunky look to it.

The Promenade is a simple U – shaped rod, that sits discreetly in any room. To make it portable in design, there is a wheel system fitted to the bottom of the pipe. When in use, the tube lights up ambient-ly, indicating that it is in use.

Using battery charging as its mainstay, the heater can be lined up together – six at a time – and charged at one go. Collectively the heat emitted is strong, so its best to be mindful of this.

Designer: Jaeyong Lee

“Promenade has the meaning of walking. The promenade can be moved together when the user moves to the desired space. This will provide enough functionality and aesthetics to warm the user’s emotions,” Lee told Yanko Design.

“Charged wireless heaters move around the space and warm the atmosphere as well as the air.”

“On the front is an LED that shows the charge status and temperature. The lower part has a terminal for charging and one wheel for movement.”

“One wheel at the bottom does not roll when standing upright.”

“When the user tilts to move this heavy heater, the wheels touch the floor and are movable.”

“Power can be obtained from the battery to heat the coils and dissipate high heat.”