A Single Sheet Seat!


This series of furniture is made the way packaging boxes are. Laser cut out of a single sheet of material (in this case, acrylic), and bent into shape, creating an interesting, aesthetically minimal series of furniture.

While punching out shapes from acrylic (also reffered to as PMMA) may result in material wastage, the arrangement of shapes can be optimized for the least amount of waste generation. Plus, the Crease furniture saves on production costs by utilizing manufacturing techniques cheaper than injection molding, and completely doing away with glue, screws, or joinery to be put together. The use of clear acrylic highlights the furniture’s unique folded construction, while giving the impression of being delicate (which it’s assuredly not), so that people consciously and sub-consciously treat it carefully, making it last longer! Clever, isn’t it?!

Designer: Xiaoyong Wang