A cactus that cuts paper!

Taking inspiration from the iconic saguaro cactus, the Standing Scissors designed by Starley Leung is a fun little piece of stationery to own! The scissor sits unsuspectingly on your desk, docked into its cactus-stem base, while the cactus’s arms form the scissor’s finger-loops. Pull the scissor out and it doesn’t sacrifice functionality for the sake of aesthetics… it truly is a pretty useful pair of stationery-scissors, it just happens to be remarkably cute too! Plus the stand, which also acts as a nice sheath for the cutting-instrument, makes it perfect pair of safety scissors for children, creatives, and stationery-enthusiasts alike!

The Standing Scissors is a winner of the Golden Pin Design Award and the iF Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Starley Leung