This IKEA-worthy self-cleaning litter box is the best looking design we’ve ever seen!

For the most part, cats are self-sufficient creatures. They bathe themselves, use the litter box anytime they need it, and they’d feed themselves too if they lived outdoors. Sometimes it seems like the only duty we’re in charge of is cleaning up their litter boxes. There are even automatic litter boxes that rake away our cats’ business as soon as they leave the litter box. Adding his design to the mix, Kevin Lau introduces Micromew, a fully automatic intelligent litter box that takes care of number two so we don’t have to.

Dismantling and understanding the automatic litter boxes that are currently on the market, Kevin Lau aimed to make his intelligent litter box a bit more approachable for cats. Augmented litter boxes don’t fit into tiny spaces and might feel daunting for smaller cats to enter and do their business, so Lau first set out to create Micromew with a reduction in size. Then, the height of the entrance needed to be more appropriate for cats of all sizes and ages, so Lau placed the entrance on Micromew low to the ground and gave it a round shape for cats of all sizes to enter freely. To make his litter box a bit more human-friendly, Lau turned to smart technology and outfitted the litter box with an automatic cleaning system that detects when a cat has done their business and cleans up the area as soon as they leave.

Inspired by the design language of home appliance machinery that leans on simple usability and clean, rounded edges, Lau shaped Micromew in a warm, inviting globular form. Gleaming in white plastic or metal, Lau aimed to size down Micromew to appeal to cats’ tendency to find themselves resting in cramped spaces. Lau also situated the dual-motor on the side of Micromew to maintain the entrance’s reduced height. Quick-release triggers and knobs allow users to clean the litter box inside and outside with more thorough attention following the cat’s use of the litter box.

Designer: Kevin Lau

Comprising a globular structure, Micromew uses the design language of common household appliances to fit into any room.

Kevin Lau researched litter boxes currently on the market to determine their trouble spots.

Micromew measures a shorter height with an inviting round entrance to appeal to cats’ love for cramped spaces.

Positioning the dual-motor on the side of Micromew allowed Kevin Lau to reduce the litter box’s entrance height.

Quick-release triggers allow for the litter box to be completely opened and thoroughly cleaned.

Lau found that by positioning the litter box’s dual-motor on its rear side, the litter box’s size could be reduced.

An intuitive design makes Micromew that much more human-friendly as well.