A Titanium Adjustable Wrench So Beautiful, It Looks Like It Was Designed by Jony Ive

My favorite design challenge is to close my eyes and think of an object, and question why my mind thought of a specific form factor. Close your eyes and think of a camera, and your mind probably conjures up a photo of a point-and-shoot or a DSLR. Think of a phone and your mind probably imagines a smartphone, but think of a telephone and you’re probably reminded of the older landline. Similarly, if you heard the words “adjustable wrench” and immediately thought of the stereotypical wrench with the sliding jaw, you’re not the first! Fundamentally, the adjustable wrench design hasn’t changed in decades. For the most part, it’s still made from cast iron and has the same boring visual aesthetic… but that’s about to change. Designed by the folks at Silver Fox Tools, the Atom Wrench reimagines the wrench not as a workshop tool, but as a design object. It’s functional, but at the same time, has a visual aesthetic so pleasing, it could be a part of Jony Ive’s design tool kit.

Designer: Silver Fox Tools

Machined out of solid, Grade 5 Titanium (and furnished with a wonderful brass knurled knob), the Atom Wrench visually and structurally challenges the archetypical adjustable wrench. It’s the first wrench really designed to be pocketable, and flaunted as a part of your EDC. The wrench’s form factor is dominated by minimalism, with straight lines, tight curves, rounded edges, and a glorious knurled brass knob that steals all the attention.

Rotate the brass knob and the wrench opens up, going to a maximum distance of 15mm (6 inches). Clench it shut and the Atom Wrench easily undoes even the tightest of nuts or bolts with some elbow grease. The titanium build offers more than just brute strength and resistance. It doesn’t scratch, deform, or corrode. In essence, it’s much lighter than iron, but up to 70% stronger.

The Atom’s design is by far its most noteworthy feature. It looks nothing like the kind of wrench you’d see in your dad’s toolshed, or within the handyman’s utility belt. The Atom Wrench isn’t a tool, it’s functional art. Its beautiful design does the job of a wrench but works as a pair of calipers too, allowing you to measure items up to 15mm thanks to the engravings on the side.

The Atom Wrench comes from the fine folks at Silver Fox Tools, a Scotland-based tool and EDC-making company. Each wrench starts at £50 ($63 USD) and comes with a nifty leather lanyard that really uplifts the all-metal wrench’s design, making it haute and handy at the same time!