This therapeutic wearable massages you to the rhythm of your favorite tunes!

If I were to make a list of all the crazy yet plausible ideas I’ve come across having worked for a design blog, the Dr. MUSIC POP would probably feature somewhere near the top. The wireless body massager works like most gel-pack adhesive massagers. It sticks to your body using an adhesive strip, either on your arms, legs, neck, shoulders, or back, delivering vibrations into the skin to help open up knots and soothe muscles and nerves… but it also goes a step further! Designed to pair with your phone, the Dr. MUSIC Pop pulsates to the music you’re listening to!

Combining to unlikely areas of therapy and entertainment, the Dr. MUSIC POP pulsates to the beat of the music you’re listening to, not only easing muscular pain, but also providing a unique tactile feedback to your music, comparable to feeling the bass pump through your body. It works as a device to relieve pain as well as enjoy your music more, which sounds like a bizarre but absolutely incredible idea… I mean if you could do yoga, spin-classes and cardio to the beat of music, why couldn’t you have a body massager relieve muscular pain to the beat of music too?! Dr. MUSIC Pop comes FDA approved, and does a remarkable job of finding an interesting intersection between being a medical device and being a fun addition to your music listening experience. Designed, of course, as an additional wearable, the Dr. Music works alongside your Bluetooth speakers or headset, gently pulsating to the BPM of your songs. Conversely, you could use it as a regular generic gel-pack massager too, having it provide relief to your nerves, ligaments, joints, and muscles in your body… but that isn’t as fun as having your own music-aided massager that doesn’t just send vibrations to your eardrum, but your body too!

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Dr. MUSIC POP: Music Sync Electric Massager

An electric massager (low-frequency therapy method) that treats a range of health conditions including muscle pain and stress with fun. Through the app, the form of massage and strength can be controlled, followed by any music whatsoever you play on your smartphone so that you can enjoy both massage and music at the same time.

Imagine enjoying a variety of massages anytime by working with the music stored on your smartphone, creating rhythmic pulses.

Below: Features

On-trend Design

While most massagers these days are black and white, Dr. MUSIC POP integrates a simple design and uses colors that can be in harmony with the current trend.

Connect 2 Devices with 1 Smartphone

The only thing you need to control Dr. MUSIC POP is your smartphone. Download the app and connect it to Dr. MUSIC POP via Bluetooth. The massage begins right after, without remote controls or other auxiliary devices. Dr. MUSIC POP also has a button on it so you can also use it without your smartphone.

Music Sync Mode – Massage Along With Your Tune In Fun

Music sync mode is one of the unique features of Dr. MUSIC POP. Explore various massage pulses from the device that’s built up by any type of music playing from your smartphone music library. Real-time music sync mode makes the massage much more amusing and fun. (Available iOS 10.3 / Android 5.0 and up)

* Music Sync Mode’ on Dr. MUSIC POP can be compatible with not only music stored on your smartphone but music downloaded from any music streaming services (Apple Music, etc.)

Below: How Dr. MUSIC POP Works

Dr. MUSIC POP (with low- frequency therapy method) provides a new type of waveform which is extracted from sound sources of music. You can enjoy the massage with any kind of music you like.

Smooth low-frequency waveform like High-Quality medical device for hospital use

Music Sync Technology

Comparison to Competitors

Additional Features


Dr. MUSIC POP is portable and light. Carry-on or bags for the device are not necessary. The device is small enough to put in your pocket and take it with you anywhere, anytime.

10 Types of Massage forms

The massage with predictable or one-size-fits-all pressure could be boring and less effective. Dr. MUSIC POP has 10 different massage forms that enable you to have pleasant moments with it. [Massaging/ Tapping/ Soft/ Intensive]

Adjustable Intensity

On your smartphone, the levels of intensity can be easily adjusted. Simply open the app and adjust the intensity by moving the scroll bar on the screen.

Safe Attached Pad

Dr. MUSIC POP is designed in a way that you can stick it to on your skin directly. The pad is made of skin-safe materials which are approved by the US FDA. To avoid drying or getting dirt on the surface of the pad, it must be stuck on the film included in the package after use. The pad is a consumable item, so you can purchase and replace separately. In case of the low-level of adhesion, damaged or soiled.


– Keep within 10m from the smartphone that supports Bluetooth, for Dr. MUSIC POP to connect seamlessly.
– There should be no obstacles in between the smartphone and the massager.
– Dr. MUSIC POP without attaching to your skin beeps and the intensity can’t be adjusted.

Showcased at CES

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $118 (50% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!