Corky Headphones

Simply love the aspect of using cork in a design, and Antonio Joaquim Rocha has got it pat down with the Sourk headphones. Designed for the luxury segment, the headphones combine wireless technology with noble materials such as cork, leather and stainless steel. Apparently the acoustic insulation properties of the cork allow the user to enjoy sounds at full throttle without interfering with the surrounding environment.

Designer: Antonio Joaquim Rocha


  • Beth says:

    Interesting that someone with a Portuguese name developed this. Portugal is a key cork exporter.

  • Eddard says:

    @Beth: It seems obvious to me. These seem underdefined… just hemispheres. personally, I don’t think the cork should be used so expansively across the product. It won’t likely have a discernable acoustic benefit so try to use it as a highlight element instead.

  • Shaun Gayle says:

    Is always nice to see a good use of a bio-degradeble material in products of this kind.

  • Adrian @ HQH says:

    Man these are beautiful – who cares what they sound like! It’s like wearing a piece of art!

  • Thanks Beth, thanks guys…

  • Luigi says:

    I need to know where I can buy these headphones any information will be helpful !! Please

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