‘Porfirio’ brings the crowdfunding model to the leather industry


The idea is a simple yet powerful one. Build a brand by only involving the one component necessary for retail… the consumer. Crowdfunding allows you to absolutely skip across most of the hurdles that make traditional luxury goods expensive. Logistics, warehouses, retail outlets, distributors, and pesky brand markups; each time a good transfers hands before it reaches the customer, hands need to be greased along the way, adding to the product’s end price. Eliminate this and you can still sell your high-quality products directly to the consumer, but at an incredibly reasonable-yet-profitable rate. We’ve seen this crowdfunding model work on watches, on vehicles, and now the leather industry. Porfirio wants to make that iconic leather biker jacket, the one you see in movies, accessible and inexpensive. Designed with high-quality leather right in the heart of Mexico’s leather industry in León, Guanajuato, and with the ability to choose between styles and even customize the message/graphic on the back of the jacket, Porfirio is locking horns with brands that think good leather jackets should cost thousands of dollars.

Porfirio came as an idea to one of the company’s founders, who just simply wanted to own a good leather biker jacket. Realizing that finding and owning a good leather jacket wasn’t as easy as you’d think, he just decided to make his own. His entrepreneurial friends decided to chime in, turning one great leather jacket into one business model. Based right out of León, at the epicenter of Mexico’s thriving leather industry, Porfirio was born… and partnering with designers to bring good art to good leather, the handmade jackets could easily be customized to the taste of each individual wearer. With over 13 embroidered designs to choose from, and the ability to even heat-press your own custom 3-character tag into the back of the jacket, Porfirio gives you jackets (as the video suggests) that even David Beckham would love to wear… assuming he loves leather jackets.

Each jacket is made to perfection using the best quality lamb-leather that’s produced by hand in León, Mexico. With a thermal polyester inner lining to keep the jacket comfortable even in the cold winters, Porfirio’s jackets come in three styles that perfectly embody the bad-boy biker aesthetic, making it practically a must-have in every wardrobe… but most importantly, Porfirio’s jackets come at a fair price that reflects the value of the materials and the craftsmanship… and not those pesky brand markups and luxury taxes.

Designer: Rodrigo Cashat

Click Here to Buy Now: $210 $280 ($64 off).

About Porfirio

Handmade, custom leather jackets made out of Mexico’s finest leather at a revolutionary price.

Customize your Jacket

Write up to 3 letters of your initials. Choose from their 13 different types of embroidery that you can put on the back of your jacket.

Handcrafted by skilled local artisans.

Every jacket is manufactured in Leon Gto. Alongside some of the top quality garment brands in the world.

Below: The Porfirio Collection

For fans of biker jackets. Pollock has the perfect design with traditional shoulder quilting, black shiny press-studs at the lapels and an asymmetric zip front.

Made from super soft and supple leather. Coco has heavily quilted panels on the shoulders and back yoke – taking inspiration from true biker and bomber jackets.

The classiest and unique leather garment in their wardrobe. With minimalist detailing for a timeless finish, Diana represents the multi-aesthetic that can be achieved with careful work and perfect design of a piece of leather.

Click Here to Buy Now: $210 $280 ($64 off).