This isn’t a smart speaker… it’s a smart boombox!

The Fooks looks like an iPod decided to grow a pair of speakers. Designed to deliver your music to you with absolute finesse, Fooks isn’t a smart speaker… it’s a smart boombox. It owns all its music, so you don’t need your smartphone or tablet to play your music via Bluetooth, and it packs a touchscreen interface that lets you swipe through your music just like you would on your iPod… except you don’t hook the iPod to a dock or a pair of headphones, because this boombox is well equipped with all the audio drivers necessary to pump your music out in full glory.

At its heart, Fooks isn’t a service-providing speaker. It isn’t designed by a large company to harvest your data… it’s just a good speaker for cranking out tunes from your music provider. The display on the Fooks allows you to install music apps and access tunes across different services you may be subscribed to. Additionally, it displays relevant data like the time, weather, and temperature information. Its touch-screen interface is more than enough to let you control playback features like pausing or skipping to the next track, while a good old-fashioned volume knob gives you control over the decibel level of your music. A convenient combination of the best of the old worlds and new!

Designer: Onurhan Demir