Fidget, build and play with these Neodymium magnetic gel pens to relieve stress at work

In what is best described as a modern-day eureka moment, Noam Bar Yohai stumbled upon an idea of combining coloring pens with super strong magnets. These magnetic pens, dubbed as MAGNETIPS™, became more than just humble stationery! While pens and pencils are tools for creation, MAGNETIPS takes that creation to a whole new three-dimensional level! With their hexagon shaped magnetically attracting bodies, these pens can be used to create bizarre, beautiful, and even useful wireframe structures… for work as well as for play!

MAGNETIPS can be used in a wide variety of ways. They can stack to form blocks, interconnect to form structures and sculptures, and can be turned into incredibly entertaining and engaging fidget toys. You can use them to make wireframe sculptures, or even build your own drawing-tools, by making rulers, triangle-guides, etc. Their magnetic abilities even let you use them to organize your desk-space by building pen-stands (ironic, eh?), and even organizers for paper-clips or charging cables.

After an incredibly successful first run on Kickstarter, the MAGNETIPS are back, better than ever, now with gel-refills. Perfect for all coloring and doodling activities, the gel-refills are removable, allowing you to continue using the pen for years by simply replacing refills once they are finished. Each pen come with two rare-earth neodymium magnets embedded inside, giving them incredible magnetic strength (enough to lift over 10 times their weight). To enhance the experience, MAGNETIPS are designed to be paired with chrome ball-bearings that allow you to build complex structures with interconnected limbs that can swivel and pivot, bringing sheer life and magic to all your creations. Yeah, I’m probably never going back to regular stationery after this…

Designer: Noam Bar Yohai of Studio Typica

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MAGNETIPS: Magnetic Gel Pens

MAGNETIPS are an innovative set of Gel Pens – each has been combined with super strong Neodymium Magnets to create a pen set with incredible features. A uniquely designed pen set with magnetic properties; simply color, doodle and fidget like with no other pen.

Each pen in the sets will attract one another, allowing you to draw in new and creative ways, and when not used for writing and coloring they will completely transform the way you use pens and the look of your desktop.

…Very satisfying

In each pen, they are using two super strong Axially Magnetized Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets – one of the strongest and most permanent types in existence.

Never lose your pen cap again…

The magnet in the pen lid and the magnet in the pen body are fixed in opposite polarities. This ensures the lid will always be attracted to the pen body.

Super Strong

On average, Neodymium magnets will only lose less than 1% of their strength over 10 years. They won’t even lose their strength if they are held in repelling or attracting positions with other magnets over long periods of time, So your pens will keep their unique properties for a very long time.

Below: Features Like No Other

Twenty Amazing Colors

The new MAGNETIPS Gel Edition uses the same cheerful color palette as in the original set. The team have carefully chosen 20 vibrant tones which not only look great on paper but also have a strong visual effect when combined together on you desk. The pen also has fast-dry water based Gel inks.

The team have patiently calibrated the tones to match as closely as possible to the existing pallet and the pen body color.

Smooth Writing Experience

The 0.7 mm stainless steel Rollerball tip provides a smooth writing experience and the gel ink has a great flow which allows for fast, easy and accurate coloring.

The refill tip is carefully made to the highest precision. That means that the new pens can be left open for over a week without drying out. Fast-dry ink means less smears when writing and coloring.


Easily Refillable

MAGNETIPS are constructed from durable ABS plastic and are easily refillable by simply unscrewing the pen body and inserting a new refill. Over their lifetime, it is estimated that MAGNETIPS can produce over 60% less waste than normal disposable coloring pen.


What Will You Create?

MAGNETIPS can enhance your creativity-you can use them as normal pens for coloring , drawing, writing and doodling, but the real magic happens when they come together thanks to the strong magnets – magnetips will help you create beautiful artwork without the need for any other instruments.

Declutter Your Desk

The pens will stick together, or to any metallic surface with ease, and can double as a stunning desktop organiser when not used for drawing.

With the pens you can easily transform the look of your desktop in seconds and become more organized.

The pens will stick together, or to any metallic surface with ease, and can double as a stunning desktop organizer when not used for drawing.

Below: The Chrome Balls Challenge

To further enhance the MAGNETIPS experience, the team designed them to interact with metallic chrome balls and provide endless possibilities for creative play and fidget that will help you concentrate.

Each of the pens has been uniquely design conceived ends which fits the Chrome Balls and enhance the ability for building by adding a super flexible moving joint to your creations.

The Balls will attract strongly to the magnets and have a durable Chrome finish which will not easily rust.

When was the last time you have built an actual Gaussian Gun from your pens?

Invent new and beautiful ways to keep MAGNETIPS on your desk.

The Perfect Fidget Pen

By adding magnets to the pens, the team has actually created one of the worlds most satisfying fidget pens!

MAGNETIPS can help you fidget and play at your desk – great for stress relieving, regaining your focus and for boosting your attention levels after long hours at work.

Color finish and Matt Black finish

Color & Black Editions

They wanted MAGNETIPS to be the centrepiece of you desktop. This is why they have decided to make their pens in two distinct finishes-Colour finish and Matt black finish-to suit every taste and any room style. Both editions are made from the same durable materials and are refillable.

Tech Spec

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