Beware The Sharky

Move aside JAWS, we have a more helpful shark here to ensure correct posture and aid better sitting. Basically Sharky is a ‘cross leg stopper’ that can be used both the ways. When placed on the chair, it makes sure you don’t end up crossing your legs unconsciously. Flip it up to use as a table and a cross-leg stopper. Research says that prolonged leg crossing can lead to joint pains at the knees and the hips. Like they say, better to befriend Sharky than be sorry!

Designer: Lucy Jung


  • AbsolutManGuy says:

    Women have a habit of crossing their legs to avoid revealing too much. Does this come complete with a snatchguardTM after women are healed of their leg crossing ways?

  • Waterdrophk says:

    I agree to lead to pain, but I only know it hurts your spine core, because you twist your back abit

  • DamienThirst says:

    It definitely has physiological effects on your blood pressure and distribution of weight bearing load. People with pre existing health issues are definitely at risk of DVT, maybe office workers spending a long time sitting at their desks should be careful too.

  • Felix says:

    Seriously?! (forgive my criticism), but do you really think this would be taken from a shelf?

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