This chef knife allows you to adjust the balance and weight via magnetic weights

When it comes to chopping or cutting, have you noticed that you tend to apply different angle of pressure to your hand, and you tip the knife according to the method you are employing? Now imagine your knife doing all the applying of pressure – independently – while you glide your way through the process of using a knife. The Balanced Kitchen Knife makes this possible, thanks to the weight it hosts in its handle.

A premium set of three knives, the Balanced Kitchen Knife set is customizable and fits your personal cooking and preparation style. Simply modify the weight and balance of the handle by adjusting the button on the handle. The system uses magnet technology for adjusting the weight – when you position the weight forward, you get a firm grip for chopping. When you move the weight to the back of the knife, you get a firmer grip for precision cutting.

Designer: Paul Cohen Design

The standard set includes:

– Utility chef knife and 40gms weight
– Santoku chef knife and 50gms weight
– Petty chef knife and 20 gms weight

The finished blade is Black Chromium non stick honed “Cutting Class” martensitic steel with the handle in forged and machined stainless steel.