This skateboard uses less than half the material but provides more than double the strength

This porous skateboard may seem outwardly fragile, but it’s designed and engineered to be as strong as any other regular skateboard, if not stronger. Designed to be more sturdy and ecologically conscious than wood, the Lightweight Skateboard is die-casted using a magnesium alloy that’s finished using CNC Machining. The high-strength, low-weight skateboard comes with an adjustable wheel-base too, giving it even more of an edge over your regular wooden skateboard!

Designer: Wang He of Hanma Creative

Appearance inspired by the weight, flexibility and strength of leaf veins.

The skateboard can be used on roads and pavements alike. It has four main characteristics: non-slip, shock absorption, adjustable wheelbase and smooth turning. The adjustable wheelbase caters to beginners, who are better suited for longer wheelbases, and experienced skaters who prefer short wheelbases.