This ‘Blue Pill’ will get you shiny teeth on the go

If there was a guessing game for ‘what’s in your travel bag’, then I know mine would be an easy win for most. I carry my shampoo, face wash, toothbrush, moisturizer… you get the drift. You name it, and it’s packed into travel-sized minion bottles, and are ready to go for their ride. However, most people are not like me – and one of the most common things that people tend to forget to pack is the toothpaste. I concur this is mainly because we typically buy the big tube and travel-sizes don’t retain much. Hence, packing a big tube can be unnecessary.

I like what designer Fernando Maldonado has done though – he’s designed a travel toothbrush that has a squeezable compartment. You see the blue pill shape one? That’s the space you fill up with toothpaste and carry the kit as a whole. When you need to use it – simply squeeze out the required amount, and brush. Clever!

Designer: Fernando Maldonado