Showcase your markers in a compact design that keeps you organized

I can’t honestly grasp how I don’t have this in my workspace already. Just a simple tinted transparent acrylic cube, the Fume acts as a rather beautiful pen-stand for your alcohol markers (something designers swear by). Its design doesn’t just have them laid out in an interesting format, it even allows you to segregate them by hue into three zones… One for color, one for warm grays, and one for cool grays. Love!

Designer: Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis

“Through its rotating feature, one can reach every marker pen easily and pull them out to use. After using the pen, it can be placed back to a desired outlet by either vertically or horizontally. Being a package at the same time, the stand can restore 40 marker pens at a time,” Gürsu told Yanko Design.